Wecan Team

We’re a passionate, ambitious and collaborative team deeply 

committed to imagining and developing blockchain 

joint-ventures with strategic partners.

It all starts
with “We”


Wecan Group empowers  successful companies to grow with blockchain.


We provide capital and operational support to the companies that we partner with, and help them establish defensible market-leading positions internationally.

We are driven by four key pillars


What is most important to us: to bring together know-how,
coordinate it, and act to build solutions where all stakeholders
are heard.


Doing what we love every day, regardless of the status quo, is what
keeps us up to date with the latest technological innovations. To
go against preconceived ideas is what allows human beings to move forward.


Our passion is what unites us. We believe in human beings and altruism: we are constantly listening to others because we believe that inclusion and differences are what create the most beautiful encounters.


We believe that to create great things, we must act every day.
Keeping our feet on the ground and our sight turned towards the future.


Wecan’s experienced staff includes business, design and tech industry leaders and innovators.

Vincent Pignon - Founder & CEO - Wecan Group
Vincent Pignon
Founder & CEO
Christophe Capelli - Partner - Wecan Group
Christophe Capelli
Partner @WecanGroup
Dominique Goy - Managing Partner - Wecan Group
Dominique Goy
Managing Partner
Arnaud Grobet - Partner Wecan Accelerate - Wecan Group
Arnaud Grobet
Partner @WecanAccelerate
Yves Froppier
Yves Froppier
Partner @WecanAccelerate
Sébastien Flak - Partner Wecan Tokenize - Wecan Group
Sébastien Flak
Partner @WecanTokenize
Philippe Lucet - Partner Wecan Protect - Wecan Group
Philippe Lucet
Partner @WecanProtect
Christophe Lassuyt - Wecan Group
Christophe Lassuyt
Partner @WecanGroup
Frédéric Dreyer - Coach - Wecan Group
Frédéric Dreyer
Roxana Pirjolea - Technical Lead - Wecan Group
Roxana Pirjolea
Technical Lead
Robert Patan - Full Stack & Blockchain Developer - Wecan Group
Robert Patan
Full Stack Developer
Martin Besson - UI/UX Design - Wecan Group
Martin Besson
UI & UX design
Nathan Douet - Project Coordinator - Wecan Group
Nathan Douet
Project Coordinator
Rémi Opalinski - UI/UX & Motion Designer - Wecan Group
Rémi Opalinski
UI & Motion Designer
Thomas Giacomo - Business Development - Wecan Group
Thomas Giacomo
Partner @Wecan Accelerate
Camille Ernoult - Brand Champion - Wecan Group
Camille Ernoult
Brand Champion
Frederic Dumonal - Project Coordinator Wecan Accelerate - Wecan Group
Frederic Dumonal
Partner @Wecan Accelerate
Jules Soulas - Analyst - Wecan Group
Jules Soulas
Blockchain Analyst
Eva Pampurik - Analyst - Wecan Group
Eva Pampurik
Blockchain Analyst


We're fortunate to be backed by some of
the best in the business.

The Capelli Group

Listed international real estate developer with revenues about $200M.

Hyposwiss Private Bank

Geneva based private bank providing financial services, advisory and wealth management.

Request Network

Decentralized network for transaction requests to create, store and access invoices.


Geneva based communication agency providing global services.


Provides companies with blockchain development services among others.

At Wecan, it all starts with a coffee

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