Wecan Team

We’re a passionate, ambitious and collaborative team deeply committed to imagining and developing blockchain joint-ventures with strategic partners.

It all starts with “We”


Wecan Group empowers  successful companies to grow with blockchain.


We provide capital and operational support to the companies that we partner with, and help them establish defensible market-leading positions internationally.

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We are

Our values


Put security 1st with blockchain based decentralized network

Data privacy

Respect data privacy with zero knowledge proof.

Data ownership

Give back data ownership, never monetized and under the sole control of its owner.


Make data standardized and interoperable, thanks to integrations and oracles.


Make it accessible, by putting the user and the design at the center.

Wecan Management Team

Wecan’s experienced staff includes business, design and tech industry leaders and innovators.

Dr Vincent Pignon
Founder & CEO
Laurent Chazallon
CTO Ad Interim
Nathan Douet
Project Coordination Lead
Oliver Walker
Business Development Manager
Kristian Bader
Project Development Manager Zurich
Anna Waibel
Client Success Manager
Martin Besson
Design Lead
Guillaume Renoult
Tech Lead
Elsa Masson
Client Success Assistant
David Delmi
Project Coordinator
Omar El Mansour
Project Coordinator
Morgane Herculano
Project Coordinator
Ricardo Figueiredo
Full-Stack Developer
Marion-Morgane Segura
Client Success Management and Communication intern
Céline Glas
Project Coordinator Junior

Advisory & Board Member

Dominique Goy
Board Wecan Group
Nicolas Dondolini
Board Wecan Group
Christophe Capelli
Board Wecan Tokenize
Mathieu Saint-Cyr
Board Wecan Tokenize
Frederic Dumonal
Board Wecan Accelerate
Philippe Perles
Advisory Board
Nicole Curti
Advisory Board
Nicolas Ricci
Advisory Board
Rachid Gerraoui
Advisory Board
Pascal Allot
Advisory Board
Michel Grupper
Partner @Wecan Group
Frédéric Dreyer


We're fortunate to be backed by some of the best in the business.

The Capelli Group

Listed international real estate developer with revenues about $200M.

Hyposwiss Private Bank

Geneva based private bank providing financial services, advisory and wealth management.

Request Network

Decentralized network for transaction requests to create, store and access invoices.


Geneva based communication agency providing global services.


Provides companies with blockchain development services among others.

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