Wecan  Academy

In order to enable as many people as possible to understand 

the challenges of distributed ledger technologies, we make a modest 

contribution to co-create simple, free and online educational content.

Learning the basic

What can we expect from the blockchain today?

What is tokenization?

How are companies facing the blockchain?

Blockchain, what uses?

Go further
For those who wish to deepen their learning, we have initiated a partnership

with the Créa school, INSEEC Group to offer a 15-day certification course on

the Blockchain strategy.

Blockchain Strategy

If the Internet changed communication methods, Blockchain will revolutionize transactions. Various fields (Banks, legal forms, administrations, etc.) will undergo a great transformation and the traditional operating models will change enormously.

In order to help professionals anticipate these changes and benefit fully from new opportunities, CREA is offering, in partnership with Wecan.Fund, a cycle of study with certification to learn about Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokenization.

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