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Wecan’s brand family reflects both Wecan’s strong growth
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Wecan's brand family



A marketplace to transform securities and any

other assets into tokens. Completely digital and
online, from investor on-boarding to token issue
and trading.

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We provide education, solutions and research for organizations aiming to develop relevant applications on top of the Libra blockchain.

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We offer financial institutions a simple approach to pool their resources. It will allow them to create, share, disintermediate and automate access to external information.
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Business cases


Registry for the rights to build


The registry for the rights to build was co-created with the “Fondation des Terrains Industriels” and allows real estate professionals to buy rights and transfer them in a decentralized way. Blockchain technology brings transparency, immutability and auditability to all transactions made on the platform.

Strategic Partner                                                                  


The registry of mountain professionals


The registry of mountain professionals, co-created with the canton of Valais makes it possible to verify that a guide is well qualified by each customer before a transaction. A smart-contract verifies 3 oracles: one to check the diploma, another to ensure continuous training has been followed and one last to verify that the insurance is valid. This project won the “Open Challenge” at Digital Switzerland 2019 in Zurich.

Strategic Partners

Canton du Valais
La Vaudoise

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