Wecan + Impact

We actively contribue to the emergence of a sustainable economy

by supporting financing of Renewable Energy & NGOs Projects.

Financing Renewable Energy
& NGOS Projects

In order to contribute to the sustainable evolution of social, economic and environmental paradigms with the emergence of new technologies, we contribute to the participatory financing of NGO projects such as the ICRC or Mercy Ships and renewable energy projects with the Services Industriels de Genève et de Lausanne.

Service industriel de Genève

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SI-REN – Les énergies renouvelables 

de Lausanne

ICRC – International
Commitee of
the Red Cross



Mercy Ships



We are involved in associations to contribute
to the emergence of an ecosystem that values Geneva, Switzerland and
collaboration within these communities.

Geneva Fintech

This association, created in 2019, aims to bring together thematic initiatives and associations to develop chapters to promote education, research and ecosystem development. It has already established international links with the Fintech Association in Abu Dhabi.

Swiss crowdfunding Association

This association, created in 2015 to promote the emergence of alternative financing in Switzerland, has contributed to the evolution of regulations such as the sandbox or the Fintech Light licence. She has also worked on the publication of three white papers, one on Crowdfunding in Switzerland, one on Real Estate Crowdfunding and one on the issuance
of digital tokens.

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