WeCan.Fund changes name to Wecan

The world is undergoing profound upheaval with the emergence of the blockchain. Characterized by tokenization and the development of decentralized solutions, distributed registry technology challenges social, economic and technological fundamentals. In order to accompany this transition and to create together the ideas of the future, WeCan.Fund, building on its 2018 performance, is revising its brand architecture and becoming Wecan.



A vision


“More than ever before, the decentralized value transaction is a reality for which we have great ambitions and a great responsibility. To accompany these new challenges and accelerate our development, we have decided to give Wecan Group a boldly named parent brand, Wecan. Simple and strong, the brand stands for innovation and embodies all of our values and activities. We are thus affirming the ambitions and the dynamic of change that we are driving with our first three solutions: Wecan Fund, Wecan Tokenize and Wecan Wine. “said Vincent Pignon, CEO of Wecan Group.



One brand


With this mother brand, which advocates the first person plural, Wecan conveys the message that the block is everyone’s business: employees, shareholders, partners or customers, everyone is the architect of a desirable future. Together, everyone must act, be optimistic and collectively seek solutions that will change everyone’s daily life for a better social, economic and technological balance.

Graphically, the evolving shape of the logo represents the growing influence, reflecting the activities and dynamism of the brand. It opts for a contemporary and easily identifiable typography that reinforces the brand’s image. “The new name, the new logo, and the multiple ways in which our brand has been translated into a variety of solutions embody an identity that conveys a positive and optimistic vision of the future. “continues the CEO.



An infinite number of solutions


In order to build on the achievements of previous years, the Group’s 2019 strategy aims to develop joint ventures with strategic partners in a relatively short period of time. The first solutions deployed already reflect the development potential with projects such as financing platforms with GIS and ICRC (Wecan Fund), real estate and asset tokenisation with the Capelli Group (Wecan Tokenize) and the wine industry with Domaine du Pa- radis (Wecan Wine). These solutions solve problems of fraud, traceability, transparency and liquidity while reducing transaction costs. This strategy in terms of brand architecture and intellectual property heralds a new era for the group: to create revolutionary solutions with diverse and varied partners.

“We are celebrating the emergence of a brand with infinite solutions that are destined to multiply, learn from each other and have a positive and lasting impact,” says Vincent Pignon.


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