Wecan Group, Capelli and Geneva Management Group launch their tokenization platform, Wecan Tokenize

Wecan Group, Capelli and Geneva Management Group launch their tokenization platform, Wecan Tokenize

“Wecan Group, the venture builder specializing in blockchain, real estate development group Capelli and the multi-financial services company Geneva Management Group, have joined forces to create Wecan Tokenize, their tokenization platform dedicated to the real estate sector. Their ambition? Increase the liquidity of real estate assets by facilitating and securing transactions to while injecting a new dynamic into real estate investment.


Wecan Tokenize relies on the combination of three complementary areas of expertise to accelerate the transformation of the real estate sector and deliver on the promises that the Blockchain offers to investors. The platform and integrated asset transfer system make it possible to digitally tokenize a property. These property titles, issued on the blockchain, can be easily exchanged, at any time.

The benefits for stakeholders are multiple: better liquidity, accessibility, simplicity, security and greater transparency. This new form of investment allows for the necessary arbitrations on its portfolio of tokenized real estate assets to be made, all without land transaction costs.


The operational management of Wecan Tokenize will be supported by Sébastien Flak, Director at Geneva Management Group and President of the Geneva Fintech Association, as well as Dominique Goy, Managing Partner of Wecan Group, Founder of SwissLending and Board Member of the Swiss Crowdfunding Association.


“This new financial model offers the best of both worlds: the liquidity of freely traded shares and the regularity of returns. All in a context of consistently low interest rates. In this sense, Wecan Tokenize makes it possible to reinvent investment in assets deemed illiquid and we intend to position ourselves and then remain at the forefront of this market,” says Sébastien Flak, Partner at Wecan Tokenize.

The technical platform was designed by Wecan, a Swiss company that has been deploying innovative blockchain solutions for various sectors since 2015, with the support of expert partners in targeted sectors, such as the CAPELLI Group and Geneva Management Group in real estate.


“With digitization of construction, low interest rates and changing lifestyles, the real estate sector has entered a new era. And, with our expert partners, Capelli and Geneva Management Group, we are going even further in our desire to offer a new form of financing and investment based on proven technologies, with which Wecan has been working since 2015,” says Dominique Goy, Partner at Wecan Tokenize.


Christophe Capelli, Chairman and CEO of the Capelli Group and director of Wecan Tokenise, concludes: “Blockchain technologies have many benefits in the real estate sector and the potential is immense. Capelli Group is a player known for its ability to innovate and it is with great enthusiasm that we have embarked on this project alongside seasoned professionals. Many traditional assets are likely to be tokenized. This breakthrough innovation will give a new impetus to the sector and Wecan Tokenize is positioned to play a central role in this transformation.”


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