Wecan Group is pleased to annouce a partnership with Libra to support the launch of Wecan Accelerate

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The new entity, Wecan Accelerate, offers blockchain acceleration programs to enable companies to anticipate the adoption of this technology. Wecan Accelerate is now launching a competence platform, as well as blockchain acceleration programs for companies. Its first thematic accelerator is dedicated to Libra, whose partner is the eponymous association based in Geneva.



A Blockchain competence platform.


This collaborative platform will connect key players from the blockchain, as well as companies wishing to develop this technology in Switzerland.Through working groups (hubs), participants will be able to exchange with their peers, supervised by blockchain experts from Wecan Accelerate and other partners. This will allow companies to identify sec- toral issues that can be solved by this technology. Once the challenges by sector have been identified, each company will benefit from the personalized advice of Wecan Accelerate experts, either through specific services or by using an acceleration program, the first of which is in partnership with Libra.

Participating in the platform also means being constantly connected with the evolution of this techno- logy and receiving regular information on its latest developments. Raising awareness not only among employees, but also among customers, suppliers or any other counterparty on this sometimes com- plex subject.This skills platform is aimed at all companies whose business could be impacted by blockchain.


A research centre


To support working groups (hubs), as well as individual companies in their projects, a Blockchain re- search centre is being developed in collaboration with major technology and education stakeholders. In order to stay one step ahead, Wecan Accelerate researchers are constantly studying the latest developments and innovations related to the blockchain. This makes it possible to understand in a concrete way their impacts on the economy, society, companies and our working environment.


1st thematic acceleration program in partnership with Libra


Wecan Accelerate offers companies the opportunity to support them in a concrete way, either through a specific acceleration program or through more thematic acceleration programs, such as the one developed in collaboration with Libra. These programs are structured around four axes: research, in- novation, education, and strategic & technological resources.This first program allows companies, assisted by Wecan Accelerate experts, to bring an idea from concept to reality by imagining, building and deploying a solution based on the Libra blockchain. Ex- perts will guide them step by step through their project, ensuring that all strategic, technological and legal aspects are covered. Participating in the Libra acceleration program by Wecan Accelerate means making sure you work with specialists who have direct access to the Libra protocol.


In the field of education, Wecan Accelerate offers companies the opportunity to train their employees, by involving them in a blockchain strategy certification cycle, developed in collaboration with CREA Inseec U. and Libra. Participants in this training will be supervised by professionals in the field and will have direct and privileged access – via video-conferencing from Silicon Valley – to the members of the Libra team, who are currently developing this new blockchain. This will enable the companies and employees concerned to ensure quality training, leading to a real diploma in the field.


Finally, Wecan Accelerate and its partners are able to propose all the necessary resources throughout an acceleration program, but also afterwards in the broader and more complex development of a project related to the blockchain. Several privileged partners, such as those mentioned above, or the Emakina group specializing in marketing/digital communication consulting, have already joined the group of strategic partners. Others will be announced in the coming days.


The structuring of a Blockchain ecosystem in Geneva


According to Bertrand Perez, COO & Managing Director of the Libra association: «We are delighted to contribute to this program in Switzerland. We are already seeing very positive reactions from com- panies, as well as a strong willingness to get involved. We are deeply committed to investing more in teaching, research and acceleration”.


«I am convinced that the blockchain will quickly have as much impact as the Internet on marketing, business, and more generally on our society. And I sincerely believe that Geneva and Switzerland have a key role to play in this area,» says Arnaud Grobet, partner of Emakina Group, who has decided to base his Blockchain centre of expertise in Geneva.

The experience of Wecan Group, which has already carried out several large-scale blockchain projects, makes it possible to measure the transformation potential of the blockchain. Whether for investments (tokenization), compliance, audit and control, traceability or to facilitate digital transactions while reducing the cost of intermediaries.


«The Libra Acceleration Program will help Swiss companies identify the threats and opportunities of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in order to evolve their business models,» said Dr Vincent Pignon, CEO of Wecan Group. «We are delighted by this partnership, and to share the lessons learned with our customers and strategic partners. This initiative is part of Libra’s efforts to provide tools and training to NGOs and companies wishing to use Libra, and thus ensure that payments and identification pro- cesses can be optimized».

Other acceleration programs, as well as the establishment of the first working groups (hubs) are under way and will be announced soon.

Thomas Giacomo and Frederic Dumonal will be in charge of the executive management of the compe- tence platform and the acceleration program.


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