wecan Tokenize

We transform any asset into a security token.

About wecan Tokenize

Make investment more liquid.

Our white label solution provides an easy, safe and intuitive interface for businesses to create, issue and manage tokens. Backed by the combination of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, our technological infrastructure allows you to buy and share the digital value of physical goods while complying with strict financial laws.

For owners, the aim in tokenizing assets is to bring more liquidity to your investments.

For investors, the objective is to access the economic value of an asset digitally.

Our solution

White label blockchain solution to tokenize any asset. 

Our Technology

Coding token features

A tailor-made smart contract to set up token features and rules

KYC / AML and CTF process

Strict KYC onboarding process to be compliant with financial regulations

FIAT or cryptocurrency transfer

Our solution allows transfers in crypto-currencies or in FIAT

Manage the token holder registry

Blockchain based distributed ledger to guarantee immutability of datas



Process of coding guaranteed by our swiss developers


Tokenization process compliant with regulation


Smart contracts are tested and audited by a third party agent


Ethereum standards for any kind of assets


  • Coding token features representing the asset
  • Organizing token sale
  • Onboarding investors through our KYC/AML and CTF process
  • Registering token buy orders
  • FIAT bank transfer or crypto payment
  • Digital legal signature
  • Token distribution to investor
  • Registering token holders into the blockchain ledger

Strategic partner

Capelli Group

We have co-created the wecan Tokenize brand with our strategic partner Capelli.


Present in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, Capelli is a listed real estate developer with whom we have been working closely to create the brand wecan Tokenize.