wecan Wine

We track the wine making from the grape to the owner bottle.

About wecan WINE

A new experience for the wine industry.

Our solution helps restoring trust in the wine industry. It tracks the full process of wine making by recording data during each stage of production. The data is recorded on immutable and secure distributed ledgers ensuring data integrity. And more, it allows to track and transfer each bottle’s ownership.  A simple scan of the QR code on the bottle label allows the access to all information you might need!

Our solution

A mobile application to track and trace wine production from the grape to the owner of each bottle.

Our Features

Decentralized registry of each owner of bottles

Each bottle is traced via the identification of each owner (email adress).

Smart contract automating the transfer of ownership

The owner of a bottle can transfer the bottle to anyone on a real time basis. Each record is automatically recorded in the distributed ledger.

Supply chain blockchain process (coming soon)

Each step of the wine making will be recorded in a distributed and immutable ledger. And each step can be verified by third party and certified directly in the ledger, ensuring integrity to the process.



Verification of the wine making


Tracability of the ownership of each bottle


Transparency of wine features, from the grape to the bottle


Overall end-user visibility


  • Each step of the vignification process is recorded into a decentralized ledger
  • Each bottle can be traced and transfer automatically
  • An easy and user-friendly mobile application using QR scannig of each bottle
  • Each features of the wine is made available via the mobile application ensuring a new kind of wine tasting experience

Strategic partner


Wecan Wine is born from the venture with Domaine du Paradis.


Created in Geneva in 1983, the property operates today more than 35 hectares of grapevines. Wines of emotions and passion.